Esquire magazine uses ‘E-Ink’

It takes a licking and keeps on ticking

So it seems that everyone who owns a 75th anniversary issue of Esquire magazine, complete with the novel E-Ink cover, is selling it on ebay for $40.

But not me. I’m keeping mine. Nevermind the fact that I haven’t bothered reading it yet.I’m just too good to sell out like everyone else. Literally.

Besides being worth a bit, the E-Ink display seems to be quite durable. I’m hesitant to try anything on my own issue, so follow the link to see what conditions others have subjected the device to.

So you can beat the shit out of it, and Esquire is now the first to use it in mass media. Where’s it going from there? E Ink Corporation suggests this rather unique product has a future of use in electronic media readers, citing the ease of viewing E Ink in direct sunlight and at an angle. I’d imagine the news/e-book reader could also be much thinner than what current-use technology allows.

Spill your morning coffee on your electronic Wall Street Journal? No problem. Apparently it can survive a stabbing, too.


2 responses to “Esquire magazine uses ‘E-Ink’

  1. WHYYY haven’t I seen this yet!?!?! I read about it and was all stoked on it and just like.. didn’t investigate. I WANT ONE.

  2. Check the Barnes & Noble on US1, they may have a copy like mine at their store. I got this issue at the B&N Town Center location. Keep in mind that only a limited number of the issue have the E-Ink cover, though! I will totally show you mine sometime.

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