Palm SSH: Secure Shell for Palm OS


My Palm T|X just got a new lease on life thanks to my servers. Why, you ask?

I’m a Linux desktop and server user, and I also have a bunch of palm pilots laying around, besides my smartphone… so I Googled to see if any software was available to SSH (Secure Shell) to my linux machines remotely. For more information on ssh,

I actually came across a few palm os SSH clients, and the one I chose to test was “pssh,” at Features, according to Sealie Software:

  • SSH 2 protocol using 3DES or AES-128 ciphers
  • Fast authentication and encryption using ARM-native code
  • Support for public-key authentication and host key verification
  • High quality VT100/VT220/xterm terminal emulator
  • Up to 80 x 53 character display on 320×320 screen
  • Support for large screens with virtual Graffiti areas
  • Customizable font colors and sizes
  • Full-size on-screen keyboard
  • Palm 5-Way Navigator acts as CTRL/ESC key and arrow keys
  • Thumb wheel press acts as CTRL/ESC key
  • Complete source code distributed under BSD- and MIT-style licenses

On my home network, I was able to login to one of my Linux machines in a text-only session, navigate directories, upgrade packages, and view files as with any other command line session over SSH. There aren’t enough hours in a day to play with things like this!

Now that I dug up my wireless keyboard for my Palm T|X, I probably won’t get anything done, ever again… besides looking cool. If you use SSH to remote to your machines also, try out pssh!

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One response to “Palm SSH: Secure Shell for Palm OS

  1. Sweet app find! I’ll have to try this out.

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