Palm SSH: Secure Shell for Palm OS


My Palm T|X just got a new lease on life thanks to my servers. Why, you ask? Continue reading


Countdown to Ubuntu 8.10

Here I am, 5:30AM, awake and sitting at my computer waiting for the upgrade to Ubuntu 8.10. What is wrong with me. Continue reading

Linux in the Funnies

Here are some of my favorite comic strips that mention Linux. Plenty of Foxtrot, and some Dilbert at the end. Click to enlarge for best results. I hope you like them!

For more comics like these and some laughs on Linux, go to my source, LinuxToons.

Banshee Let’s You See the Future!

It’s true–and what this young gun media player can do, I have yet to see with any other FOSS equivalent on the Linux desktop.

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Xfce Desktop Environment

Pardon me, but I would just like to brag about my favorite Linux desktop environment, Xfce.

Okay, it’s not as pretty as GNOME (but beauty is in the eye of the beholder), and perhaps not nearly as configurable as KDE. All conceded. But like anything else you fall in love with, it need not be the best in every category or everyone’s favorite–its unique features made you a silly fanboy and you just can’t help but love that, too.

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Impressions of Fedora 9

Earlier this year, May marked the release of Fedora 9, just five years since the Fedora Project began. While the release is hardly breaking news in the Linux community, I have to cover Fedora 9 myself–I’m just too impressed. Continue reading

Esquire magazine uses ‘E-Ink’

It takes a licking and keeps on ticking

So it seems that everyone who owns a 75th anniversary issue of Esquire magazine, complete with the novel E-Ink cover, is selling it on ebay for $40.

But not me. I’m keeping mine. Nevermind the fact that I haven’t bothered reading it yet.I’m just too good to sell out like everyone else. Literally.

Besides being worth a bit, the E-Ink display seems to be quite durable. I’m hesitant to try anything on my own issue, so follow the link to see what conditions others have subjected the device to.

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