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OpenOffice Easter Egg: Space Invaders


While reading an article on pcmag.com, I came across a fun feature hidden in OpenOffice. Unfortunately this feature isn’t a button you press to make it as fast as Gnumeric

Run OpenOffice.org’s Calc (found here), and enter =GAME(“StarWars”) exactly that way into any cell in your blank worksheet. When you  do, a window pops up with a simple space invaders game, for the wasting of your time.

True, a much better version of the classic Space Invaders could be found elsewhere on the web as a flash game. But on a network where these types of sites are blocked content, it could… come in handy? Personally I’ve always preferred  Galaga.

Then again, OOo most likely would not be implemented in a corporate/education environment. Not to generalize. 😀


Banshee Let’s You See the Future!

It’s true–and what this young gun media player can do, I have yet to see with any other FOSS equivalent on the Linux desktop.

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