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Fresh-Faced Twitter.com

I just visited twitter.com to discover their landing page has been redesigned. It’s a nice look, but what I like the most is the login, which drops down from a tab at the top of the layout. Disable JavaScript, and the button simply directs you to the old Sign In page.

They’ve also swapped out accolades from the likes of Wire and TIME, for three lists of trending topics—topics trending now, today, and this week. Still far less going on across the page. Even fits nicely on netbook-sized screens (at least 800×600)!

There is now a search field, which has a lot of focus, perhaps catering to those who would rather “see what others are tweeting” than log in and tweet.

With the large percentage of Twitter users spectating (and sadly, journalists quoting) tweets, regular users skipping twitter.com for their own client of choice, it might be good to take emphasis off the login and place it on search and trending topics.

What do you think?


Adding Books to Coda

Coda Books

I spend a lot of my day (and night [and dreams]) in Panic’s Coda doing web development voodoo stuff. So I found Coda’s built-in reference library to be quite handy, but I felt like it was missing something by only including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. So I added Ruby on Rails documentation, quite pissed that the book’s “cover” didn’t look as much like a book as the rest, which are clearly designed to appear as such.

Well I just quit my whining, when I came across Ray Brown’s Coda Book Cover Template PSD. With it, you can make as many new books of documentation as you’d like, and their covers will finally have a nice polished look to them. Just open the PSD, customize and drag the image into Coda when you create a new book. Have fun!

Coda Clips

Looking for some more ways to gear up your Coda editor? Look no further than Coda Clips. It’ll save you time! Browse and submit your own code clips, with one-click download to your Coda clips collection. Clips available for: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript/jQuery, WordPress and others. Nice!